Rebuilt Titles

Wolfgang Auto Sales had been successfully selling cars with “Rebuilt” title for over 20 years.

However, some of our new customers might be cautious about cars with this title, specifically because of their “salvaged” past. After going over these short Rebuilt Title basics, we hope you’ll consider choosing Wolfgang’s as the place to shop for a rebuilt title car.


A rebuilt title is only provided after the car has been fixed and later inspected by the state or jurisdiction that issues titles.

If the repairs were satisfactory, the title is changed from “salvage” to “rebuilt” in order to reflect the repairs that were performed and note that the car is now fixed.

Every rebuilt title car at Wolfgang’s undergoes rigorous inspection from the state officials and our staff to ensure it is 100% safe to drive.

While the car was deemed too expensive to fix by the insurance company, this does not mean the car is had been damaged to the point it is visible by a naked eye.

We restore our cars to the point they are as clean inside and out as possible. Some cars turn out to look and operate in the condition that is close to a factory one.

We do NOT deal with flooded cars, as there may be hidden electrical damage.

Absolutely! Since a car had passed the inspection in order to get a rebuilt title, your likelihood of causing damage isn’t increased,

so your property damage and bodily injury liability should be the same as it would be in a car with a clean title.

Rebuilt cars have significantly better price over their clean title counterparts.

At the same time at Wolfgang’s the comfort, safety and appearance of rebuilt cars matches the highest standards in the industry.

Recently Added

You are welcome to stop by and check out our rebuilt cars inventory that is constantly growing to meet the most challenging needs and demands.

Buy From Wolfgang’s With Confidence

The auto repair industry is one of the toughest one’s, and we simply could not be in business for so long if we wouldn’t stand behind our merchandise.
Over the 20 years in the business we acquired a solid number of regular clients who are enjoying their purchased cars to this day. We are ready and willing to provide the references upon the request.


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