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At Wolfgang’s Autos we use Liqui Moly products because quality is our top priority. Liqui Moly offers the world’s widest, deepest range of motor and gear oils, fuel and oil additives, care products, chemical problem-solvers and service products. In premium quality always and everywhere.

We work:
Tue-Fri: 8am – 6pm; Sat: 8am – 2pm.
Call (770) 623-3976 to schedule your service.

Got Questions About Oil Change?

The pricing for an oil change depends on the type of oil you need and the number of quarts required for your car. Typically an oil change would cost you between $35 and $100. Please call us (770) 623-3976 for a quote.
It usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to change oil. There may be extra wait time depending on the line. If you would like to spend less time waiting, call us in advance and schedule and appointment: (770) 623-3976.
It depends on your vehicle. Please call us to provide your car information and we would tell you what oil do you need and how much exactly it will cost.
Usually yes, but your car manufacturer may have special requirements. Our mechanics would know exactly what to do. And don’t worry, we don’t sell you what you don’t need. Wolfgang’s Autos is the most trusted service in Duluth. Read our reviews and be confident that we will do our best for you.

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